Why I'm Running

I’m running for City Council because I want to be a part of a government that is effective and puts its citizens at the heart of its decision making.  Other cities could learn a thing or two from Dublin!  At the heart of all we do is a single word – Connection.  I want to ensure that we maintain our connection as we grow, enabling all our spaces to be connected to the wonderful bike path system established years ago in some intelligent, visionary forethought.  The right mix of corporate, retail, residential and green space will allow all areas of our city to feel connected to their needs and allow city revenues to grow such that we can continue to enjoy the many amenities we enjoy.  Connecting our people is equally important.  I want to ensure our city council is proactively seeking community input through regular community communication circles and visiting our neighbors at their doors on a regular basis.  I would also love to get more teens involved in civic meetings so they see themselves as leaders today and have a better understanding of leadership opportunities (and responsibilities) available to them as adults. 

I’m passionate about listening, evaluating both sides of issues, making sound judgments and leaving things better than when I found them. I ask for your vote this November to help me do just that.

Meet Sandi

A native of northeast Wisconsin, Sandi grew up as the youngest of five daughters. Her mom stayed at home while her dad traveled the state of Wisconsin as a weights and measures inspector for the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection. A first-generation college graduate, Sandi knows what it’s like to work hard and pay for college herself.

She moved to Central Ohio in 1997 and worked her way up at Huntington National Bank from a temp job to Vice President of Foreign Exchange. Her attention to detail and customer focused attitude enabled her customers in their international business ventures. She left the corporate world when her twin sons, Robert and Luke, were born.

For 20 years, Sandi and her husband Jeff have been an integral part of the lives of countless youth and families at the various churches they attended and later served when he left his job in the corporate world to become a pastor. Sandi continues to serve children and youth every week in Sunday School at Indian Run United Methodist Church. She also lives out her passion for youth development as a substitute teacher in the Dublin elementary and middle schools.  

Sandi serves the community by volunteering at the Dublin Food Pantry and Welcome Warehouse. She values the connection she feels to Dublin and wants to help residents and businesses feel that same connection too.

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